Change the way you listen to music at home with Sony’s new SRS-RA5000 and SRS-RA3000 wireless home speakers

08 Jan, 2021

Sony has announced two new wireless home speakers – the SRS-RA5000 and SRS-RA3000 – for a premium, seamless listening experience enjoyable anywhere in the home. Equipped with Sony’s unique spatial sound technologies these speakers create ambient room-filling sound. A fantastic enhancement to any home, they allow you to immerse yourself in your favourite music and create a serene and soothing atmosphere where music can be your perfect companion.


Hear the difference

Whether you’re reading, cooking, working or listening to your favourite tunes, either the RA5000 or the RA3000 will be a sublime addition to your home. Both new speakers are designed to deliver a high quality and premium 2-channel audio experience that fits perfectly into any home.

In addition, the RA5000 and RA3000 offer ambient room-filling sound, thanks to Sony’s unique spatial sound technologies. Based on Immersive Audio Enhancement and 360 Reality Audio technologies, the RA5000 and RA3000 fill your space with relaxing sound both vertically and horizontally to create a broad and wide sweet spot. 360 Reality Audio tracks, that can be enjoyed through compatible music streaming services[1], incorporate three-dimensional sound location data which means they can deliver the ultimate all-encompassing sound when played on the RA5000 or RA3000. Immersive Audio Enhancement, a unique algorithm from Sony, can transform any of your favourite 2-channel stereo tracks to fill the room with sound and further enhance your listening experience.

The RA5000 is also Hi-Res Audio certified, for superior sound quality through High-Resolution Audio playback. The RA5000 features a trio of up-firing speakers that spread music vertically, while the three middle sited speakers spread sound horizontally. The speaker unit incorporates high-magnetism neodymium magnets and a mica reinforced cellular diaphragm that gives strength to the speaker whilst maintaining a compact size. These are complemented by a subwoofer which helps to flood the room with rich, deep bass. The RA5000 retains expressiveness from bass range notes to high range notes.

The RA3000 achieves omnidirectional sound with deep bass by using a full range speaker, an omni-diffuser that spreads sound throughout the room in every direction and a dual passive radiator to produce deep bass. The speaker’s overlapping beam tweeters form a wave front that goes upward, which delivers sound vertically. This creates a truly immersive experience.


Enjoy a seamless premium listening experience

The RA5000 and RA3000 both feature Sound Calibration that offers optimal sound performance wherever they are used. Simply hold the Immersive Audio Enhancement button on the RA5000 and it will conduct a detailed sound calibration adjustment for optimum audio performance for the room it is placed in. The RA3000 provides effortless auto adjustment which takes place in the background while you are enjoying your favourite tracks. To activate the RA3000’s automatic recalibration, simply turn the speaker on wherever it is placed in your house and the speaker will recalibrate itself to the new position.

Gone are the days of fiddling with your remote to create a consistent volume; the Auto Volume feature on both the RA5000 and RA3000 takes the stress out of finding the perfect volume for each track. The speaker adjusts the sound, track-by-track, to make your listening experience stress-free, allowing you to focus more on those around you.


Get the most out of your home speakers

The RA5000 and RA3000 is compatible with a Google Assistant[2]-enabled device with Chromecast built-in and Amazon Alexa[3] enabled devices, so you can manage your music by simply using your preferred voice assistant. With just your voice, you can now start or stop music, adjust the volume and other actions, all hands-free. Both speakers also support Multi-room playback that lets you play the same, or different, song in separate rooms at the same time via speaker groups set up with the Google Home or Amazon Alexa apps.

You can control the speaker from anywhere in your house with the “Sony | Music Centre” app on your smartphone, allowing you to customise various settings to achieve a personalised listening experience for you and your family.

The RA5000 and RA3000 are both able to wirelessly connect to compatible BRAVIA TVs[4] to easily enhance the audio performance of your TV, making film night even more exciting. Both speakers are Wi-Fi enabled, feature Bluetooth® technology, have NFC[5], are compatible with Spotify Connect[6] and have Chromecast built-in so you can pair your speaker with your smartphone or tablet to seamlessly stream your favourite tunes in any way you like.

Seamlessly fit anywhere in your house

The RA5000 and RA3000 have unique, premium designs that are the perfect mix of engineering and style. Both models are available in a black body with contrasting copper highlights, with the RA3000 also coming in a light grey fabric body with silver accents. This results in a beautiful speaker that will be at the centre of any home.

With a compact size and small footprint, the RA3000 fits just about anywhere. Thanks to the fact it’s humidity resistant[7], you can even enjoy the RA3000 in the kitchen and bathroom. Whether you want to enjoy some relaxing music in the bath or dance around the kitchen whilst cooking, the RA3000 provides the perfect accompaniment.


The SRS-RA5000 model will be priced at approximately €550/£500 and available from February 2021.

The SRS-RA3000 model will be priced at approximately €300/£280 and available from February 2021.

[1] Requires download of Sony | Music Center app. Subscription to compatible online music service and third party terms, conditions, account and fees may apply. Compatible services may not be available in certain countries/regions. Please visit to check compatibility of the application and the service.

[2] Google, Google Home and all related logos are a trademark of Google LLC. The Google Assistant is not available in all languages and countries/regions

[3] Amazon Alexa and all related logos are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates. Amazon Alexa is available in select languages and countries/regions.

[4]Wireless connection via Bluetooth® technology, BRAVIA® supporting Bluetooth® A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) is needed. Applicable TV models

[5]Only available on SRS-RA5000

[6]Spotify Connect™ may not be available in all countries/regions.

[7]The product is humidity resistant but not waterproof. Do not use the product near water or expose it to dripping or splashing water. The humidity resistant performance of the product is based on our measurements under a certain temperature/humidity level (35 °C/35%-95%)Do not use the product in a location where close to a bathtub, kitchen sink, laundry tub, swimming pool, etc.

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