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Hear your TV more clearly with new Wireless Handy TV Speaker SRS-LSR200 from Sony

20 Jul, 2020

Wireless Handy TV Speaker SRS-LSR200 is a fitting solution to fully enjoy TV audio even when away from the TV

Sony has announced the launch of a wireless handy TV speaker SRS-LSR200 in Europe, scheduled to become available for purchase from July in the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria and Switzerland and from September in the rest of Sony’s European markets.

With SRS-LSR200 you can take the sound of the TV with you to virtually anywhere in the house*1. The device amplifies the volume and sound quality of TV audio, making it easier to hear even when you are away from the TV. Its three integrated speakers deliver clear, crisp and natural sound across a wide listening area, while the innovative Voice Zoom technology enhances the audio frequencies of spoken dialogue. Whether the TV is difficult to hear, or you want to enjoy greater audio clarity while watching TV with your family or friends, SRS-LSR200 will help you hear better the action and dialogue on screen.

*1 Effective operating distance: Approx. 30m

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The new handy speaker from Sony is sturdy and portable. It has a convenient handle to carry it around the house so that you can enjoy crystal-clear sound in your place of choice. For extra comfort, it has an integrated remote control, allowing easy changing of channels and inputs, and works with major TV brands*2. SRS-LSR200 is also drip-proof*3, so if you plan on cooking and watching your favourite show, you don’t have to worry about damaging the speaker by splashing water on it.

*2 Sony, Hitachi, LG, Loewe, Panasonic, Philips, Samsung, Sharp, Toshiba

*3 IPX2 equivalent

Main features

Voice speaker for better voice reproduction

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SRS-LSR200 has a dedicated centre voice speaker positioned between the left and right stereo speakers. It mainly outputs the sound frequencies of the voice and suppresses the influence from the left and right speakers which minimizes distortion and allows the reproduction of a crisp and clear voice.

“Voice Zoom” function to reproduce a person’s voice clearly

SRS-LSR200 is equipped with a “Voice Zoom” function that detects the components of the human voice and makes it stand out. In addition to the normal stereo playback mode, it offers “Voice Zoom 1”, which brings voice to the front, and “Voice Zoom 2”, which emphasises high frequencies. You can switch between the modes easily using a designated button.

Passive radiators, realistically reproducing the lower register of the voice, mounted on the left and right sides of the device

By outputting the lower register of the voice from the left and right speakers and passive radiators, the voice sounds naturally and realistically.

Easy-to-use integrated TV remote control

SRS-LSR200 comes with an integrated remote to control the TV from a distance.In addition, Sony’s new handy speaker features a big volume dial and easy-to-read buttons and is drip-proof.

Easy charging

You can charge the speaker conveniently by simply placing it on the charging dock. A 3-hour charge allows a continuous use of the speaker for about 13 hours*4.

*4 “Voice Zoom” function off, according to JEITA standard

Intuitive and easy-to-understand set-up

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Both the charging dock and the connecting cables are labelled with colour-coded numbers making the set-up truly effortless even if you’re not great with electronic equipment.

Stable wireless connectivity

The transmitter and speaker units are connected by 2.4 GHz wireless transmission one-to-one, for a low latency connection with high resistance to interference. Hear sound from the TV and the speaker simultaneously for a natural listening experience.

Pricing and availability

Sony’s wireless handy TV speaker SRS-LSR200 will go on sale in the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria and Switzerland in July, with the rest of Sony European markets to follow in September. For more information, please check your local Sony site at www.sony.eu.

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