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LIVE LIFE LOUD - Sony introduces new X-Series range with 3 new powerful wireless speakers

21 Apr, 2021

Life should be lived at full volume. That means turning up the music to full volume and dancing all night to a clear, rich sound. With Sony’s new range of X-Series speakers, announced today, you can make the most of every single moment, power experiences you’ll remember forever and always LIVE LIFE LOUD.

Music is made to be shared and with the new X-Series speakers this is made even easier. All of the new speakers are specially designed to provide a powerful and wide-spreading sound to compliment any genre of music.

Whether you’re listening indoors or outdoors, by yourself or with a group of friends, the new X-Series speakers match everyone’s style. You can choose a speaker that perfectly suits your style with a wide range of choices on sound quality, portability, durability and lighting.

Listen loud and clear

Innovative X-Balanced Speaker Units

The speakers all feature Sony’s innovative X-Balanced Speaker Units. The non-circular diaphragm gives more sound pressure and less distorted sound by maximising the area of the speaker, which means you’ll get a richer, clearer sound no matter what style of music you’re listening to.

Omnidirectional Party Sound for XP700

The XP700 has three front[1] High-efficiency Tweeters and one rear High-efficiency Tweeter delivering Omnidirectional Party Sound with punchy and deep bass and plenty of clarity.

Powerful Party Sound for XP500 and XG500

The XP500 and XG500 have two front High-efficiency tweeters that combine to give you Powerful Party Sound. Plus the XG500 features passive radiators that are optimised to reproduce clear bass sound and all together you get a great sound worth sharing.


The MEGA BASS feature across the range allows you to dial up the bass on your speaker, providing you with deep and punchy bass.

With the new X-Series speakers you can enjoy your music like its live. With LIVE SOUND[2] mode you can recreate that unique atmosphere and re-live your favourite music experiences, over and over again.

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Take the party outside

The brand new XG500 has an IP66 Water resistant and dustproof rating[3] that means you can enjoy powerful party sound just about anywhere. You can use it by the pool, at the park for a picnic or at the beach for a relaxing day and not have to worry about damage. The XG500 is made with durable water-repellent mesh that will keep the speaker dry and your music blasting.

Prepare your garden party for anything. The XP700 and XP500 have an IPX4[4] Water resistant rating, so you can keep your party going even if a few raindrops fall.


A portable party

Long lasting battery life

You can now take your sound anywhere with long lasting battery life on the XG500[5]XP700[6] and XP500[7].If you find your speakers running out of battery, there’s no need to worry with quick charging on these speakers[8].

All 3 speakers feature Battery Care Mode, which stops your speaker reaching 100% charge to increase the lifespan of the battery.

Comfortable carry handles

The new X-Series line-up all feature a comfortable handle that makes carrying it easy. If your speaker is in your room but you want to lay by the garden, you can simply pick up your speaker and go.

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Light up your life

An all-new ambient lighting produces modern and subtle lighting. You can select a variety of different lighting patterns[9] that can bring energy to parties or soothing sombre shades to a quiet night in.

Turn up the fun


Love karaoke? Then you and the X-Series speakers will make a perfect double act. The speakers come with microphone and guitar inputs[10], making these speakers the perfect late-night entertainment.

Horizontal or vertical positioning

Both the XP700 and XP500 have multiple layouts and can be positioned either horizontally or vertically. Whichever way you choose, a sensor on the XP700 will optimise the sound for that layout and provide you with great sound[11].

Bluetooth® compatible

All three speakers are BLUETOOTH® compatible so you can pair the speaker directly to your BLUETOOTH® enabled device and have it streamed straight to your speaker.

Party Connect

All three speakers come with Party Connect to allow you to connect up to 100 compatible speakers, which then sync to the music and lights.

USB Ports

The new X-Series speakers come with USB play and USB charging to be the perfect party speaker. You can plug in and play music with a USB port to play your digital files. If your smartphone is running low on battery you can even plug it into the speaker and have it charged directly[12].

Sony | Music Center and Fiestable

The new line-up is compatible with both Sony | Music Center and Fiestable apps. With Sony | Music Center you can select playlists, cue the next song, change lighting patterns and sound modes all from the dance floor. Fiestable allows you to access fun features to help create the ultimate party atmosphere, such as making a party playlist, karaoke functions including Voice Changer and Echo, plus DJ control to add sound effects.

Pricing and availability

[1]Only two front tweeters will work at one given time

[2]LIVE SOUND mode is available via Sony Music Center app

[3]The product is protected to a degree such that dust from a dust-resistant test does not enter the product. Water resistant is defined as it protects the body function against powerful jet water from all directions. Water resistant and dustproof are effective only when the cap is closed. Not guaranteed for all situations

[4]Water resistant is only effective when the cap is closed. Not guaranteed for all situations

[5]SRS-XG500 lasts up to 30 hours when MEGA BASS is on, Vol.19, and lighting is OFF while using tracks that conform to Sony’s conditions

[6]SRS-XP700 lasts up to 25 hours when MEGA BASS is on, Vol.13, and lighting is OFF while using tracks that conform to Sony’s conditions

[7] SRS-XP500 lasts up to 20 hours when MEGA BASS is on, Vol.16, and lighting is OFF while using tracks that conform to Sony’s conditions

[8]10 minutes of charge gives you 3 hours of playback on the XG500 and XP700, and 80 minutes on the XP500

[9]Available via Sony | Music Center app

[10] XP700 and XP500 come with two mic inputs in the rear port, one for a mic and one for either a guitar or mic. XG500 comes with one input that can be used for either a guitar or a mic

[11]Only XP700 has a built in sensor that optimizes how sound is processed to stereo sound

[12]This feature does not support all smart phones and tablets

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