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Sony introduces new line-up of High-Power Audio Systems for the ultimate entertainment

27 Aug, 2020

Sony today introduced two exciting new models to its High-Power Audio Systems range with the MHC-V83D and MHC-V73D, expanding choices for party lovers and families with omnidirectional sound and lighting, portable design and ultimate party entertainment.

Even more powerful sound

This new line-up of High-Power Audio Systems feature key upgrades for better power and improved sound quality, such as the High-efficiency Tweeter that uses horn tweeters and High-efficiency Midrange that uses mid horn speakers. It introduces not just greater height expansion of sound but also a wider range, covering a larger area.

Omnidirectional Party Sound for V83D and V73D

Pack the dancefloor with stunning audio thanks to the new Omnidirectional Party Sound on the V83D and V73D. The V83D and V73D feature four tweeters at the front and rear to expand the sound stage upward. The midrange distributes sound from the front and the back of the speaker[1], covering a wider area with improved clarity for mid-range frequencies to create powerful, vibrant sound and direct clear vocals to please every partygoer.

The Omnidirectional Party Sound is a result of combining the front and rear tweeters, the midrange, a woofer and JET BASS BOOSTER, enabling music to reach further and wider, pleasing guests with great sound wherever they are and delivering strong bass while also improving clarity.

Light up the night

Omnidirectional Party Light for V83D and V73D

The V83D and V73D feature the all-new Omnidirectional Party Light that light up the party from floor to ceiling whilst creating an unforgettable atmosphere. The units send out waves of deep blue, sky blue and green with multi-coloured stripes to immerse party-goers in the ambience of a truly memorable party. Create an authentic nightclub experience thanks to the lighting’s dynamic movement.

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Speaker light

In addition, the V83D and V73D feature woofer and midrange lights that are a deep blue colour, making them perfect for parties and events in any space.

Ambient light mode

A new ‘Ambient light’ mode across the new line-up, makes it easier than ever to transition lightly from party mode to a low-key atmosphere. This new setting makes it perfect for the family looking to unwind with slower and relaxing light animation.

Take your party to the next level

Karaoke and Mic input

With home karaoke becoming more popular than ever, the new range allows you to unleash your inner pop star with two microphone inputs. You and your guests can go head to head singing along to your favourite tracks. The Microphone Echo feature blends vocals with background music to make the experience more seamless, mirroring the effect of singing in a concert hall. When you’re finished, you can store the mics and cables safely and hassle free in the dedicated built-in microphone holders[2].

Guitar input

Alternatively, add a rock and roll layer by connecting a guitar to one of the inputs using the system as a guitar amp. Enjoy three modes for the ultimate jam session: ‘Clean’ for a clear sound, ‘Overdrive’ for a distorted guitar sound, and ‘Bass’ for your bass guitar.

Control from the palm of your hand

Run everything from the dancefloor with the Fiestable app[3][4] and take control of the music, lighting and much more, all by simply tapping your smartphone or using your voice.

Party Playlist via Fiestable

The new range of systems also now feature Party Playlist[5] that lets your guests add their favourite tunes to your playlist. Guests can add music stored in their smartphones[6] to your playlist over your Wi-Fi® network via the Fiestable app, so your party never stops.

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Karaoke Ranking via Fiestable

Find your singing superstar with Karaoke Ranking, a new feature exclusive to the Fiestable app. Compete with your friends for the highest score and whoever ranks in the top 10 can record their name and song title in the leader board.

TAIKO mode for V83D and V73D

The latest Taiko Game mode on the V83D and V73D allows you to add your own drumming to any song by tapping the top panel in time to the beat, putting your rhythm to the test when you play against your friends, adding even more excitement to the party.

Protect the party for longer

The V83D and V73D sport a 360-degree robust design which includes a hard-plastic exterior that protects all sides of the unit and four corner protectors. Transporting these units has never been easier, just simply hold the convenient carry handle, tilt it back and the sturdy caster lets you roll right onto the party.

Endless entertainment opportunities

You can connect the V83D and V73D to your TV and experience your favourite movies, TV and sport in a whole new and exciting way. Thanks to the HDMI™ (ARC) output you can easily connect the system to your TV, watch TV and DVDs on your normal screen while enjoying huge sound from the speaker.

You can now listen to even more, with both DAB+ and FM tuners – letting you take your favourite radio stations anywhere you like.

MHC-V43D and V13

Sony will also introduce the MHC-V43D and MHC-V13 across Europe early next year. The V43D and V13 are both equipped with two front tweeters and the JET BASS BOOSTER that spread sound across any venue. Like the V83D and V73D, the V43D also includes the midrange. These all-new designs increase the rigidity of the cabinet, delivering stronger bass while also improving clarity. Plus colourful party lighting, gesture control[7] and all new fun and interactive party features means the party will never end.

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The MHC-V83D model will be priced at approximately €770/£700 and will be available from October 2020.

The MHC-V73D model will be priced at approximately €650/£590 and will be available from October 2020.

The MHC-V43D & MHC-V13 models will be available from early Spring 2021 and pricing is to be confirmed.

[1] Angled Midrange drivers on MHC-V83D only, for even more powerful sound

[2] The MHC-V83D and MHC-V73D come with two built-in microphone holders

[3]Fiestable for Android available to download on Google Play. Fiestable for IOS available for download on the App Store

[4]To use the Fiestable App, the Sony | Music Centre App is also required.

[5] A Wi-Fi network is required.

[6]This function only works with songs stored on the smartphones local drive and is not compatible with Hi-Res Audio, songs with a file size larger than 30MB or music from third party apps.

[7]Only on the MHC-V43D

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