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Sony Recognized as a Climate Change and Water Security Leader - Selected for CDP’s A List

Tokyo, Japan — Sony Group Corporation (Sony) announced today that it has been included in the CDP’s A-List,*1 a distinction which recognizes Sony as a leader in efforts to address climate change and achieve water security. This is the sixth time Sony has made the A List in the climate change, and the fifth in the water security.

Sony recognizes that its business success depends upon a sound global environment, and is therefore engaged in continued, long-term environmental initiatives with the goal of helping to build a sustainable world. Under its long-term environmental plan, “Road to Zero,” announced in 2010, Sony has now established Green Management 2025 (GM2025), the Group’s medium-term environmental targets for the period from fiscal 2021 to 2025, and has been pursuing efforts to achieve these targets.

With respect to climate change, Sony has set the goal under GM2025 of ensuring that 15% or more of electricity used at Sony’s sites is derived from renewable energy sources. Sony first switched to 100% renewable energy in the Europe, and then in fiscal 2020 did the same for electricity consumed in its business activities in China. Sony Device Technology (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is home to the group’s largest scale solar power panel installation, and it expects to achieve 100% renewable energy usage this fiscal year. In addition to promoting energy saving via its own electronics products, Sony is driving reduced power consumption across a wider front through products such as intelligent vision sensors “IMX500”, an image sensor equipped with AI processing functionality.

In the area of water security, Sony is taking steps to reuse wastewater as a means of reducing water consumption. At Sony Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation’s Nagasaki Technology Center, one of the Group sites engaged in semiconductor manufacturing — a process which requires a massive amount of water — efforts to reuse wastewater from the gas abatement equipment used to eliminate noxious gases from the manufacturing process have brought the share of wastewater reused up to 80%. Additionally, at Sony Technology (Thailand) Co., Ltd., a wastewater recycling plant has been installed to use wastewater to replenish the water used in air-conditioning cooling towers, resulting in a nearly 25% reduction in tap water consumption in fiscal 2020 compared with the fiscal 2015 level.

In pursuit of the long-term goal of zero environmental footprint, Sony will continue working to reduce environmental impact across the entire supply chain and create environmentally conscious products and services, while engaging in business activities to help create a more sustainable world with healthier human societies.

About CDP

CDP is a global nonprofit organization (NPO) founded in the UK in 2000. Backed by investors from around the globe, it conducts surveys on climate change and water management responses at private companies, then analyzes and releases the findings of these surveys to the public. This year, CDP surveyed over 12,000 companies globally on behalf of more than 590 institutional investors representing more than 110 trillion U.S. dollars in managed assets.

*1:  The rating system is a 5-rank scale (A, A-, B, B-, C, C-, D, D-, F). The A List is made up of the companies awarded the highest performance rank of “A.”

About Sony Group Corporation

Sony Group Corporation is a creative entertainment company with a solid foundation of technology. Across its six business segments – Game & Network Services; Music; Pictures; Entertainment, Technology & Services; Imaging & Sensing Solutions; and Financial Services – Sony’s purpose is to fill the world with emotion through the power of creativity and technology.

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