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Sony to showcase innovations at Maker Faire Rome 2021 as official Gold Partner

08 Oct, 2021

Hiroaki Kitano, President and CEO of Sony Computer Science Laboratories, delivers speech at the Opening Conference.

The Opening Conference of the 9th edition of the Maker Faire Rome was held on 7th of October. During the three-day event starting today, Sony will be showcasing its innovations through diverse exhibits and programs, including the Sony Computer Science Laboratories Paris Open House.

Dr. Hiroaki Kitano, President and CEO of Sony Computer Science Laboratories (Sony CSL), spoke at the Opening Conference of Maker Faire Rome, which is one of the most awaited events dedicated to innovation in Europe. This year Sony CSL also celebrates the 25th anniversary of its European headquarters in Paris, as well as the launch of a new office in Rome.

The Sony Computer Science Laboratories in Paris will be the center of Sony’s exhibition space, showcasing some of the most innovative projects developed by the laboratory’s main 4 teams: Language, Music, Creativity and Sustainability. They will be joined by Sony Europe’s other divisions: SSS Europe and Professional Solutions Europe, respectively featuring an installation dedicated to the detection of motion using Sony Semiconductor Solution’s image sensors, and a broadcast studio where talks and panel discussions will be hosted throughout the duration of the event.

Exhibits from Sony CSL Paris:

The Language team area will feature 3 main projects, one of which is the Writing Assistant, a project that explores the use of artificial intelligence as a support to the creative writing process, acting as a source of inspiration. Another is the Frame Extractor, which detects the casual frames of a text in order to understand how humans perceive and make sense of inequality, analyzing the way people construct and share narratives about the issue.

Finally, they will present a reinterpretation of the historic Talking Heads experiment, one of the most iconic of the research laboratory on the origins and evolution of language.


The Sustainability team will showcase its robotics solutions for microfarms, the ROMI Rover and ROMI Plant Imager. The former is an opensource autonomous robot to assist microfarms in weed reduction and crop monitoring, reducing manual labour and costs, while enhancing productivity. The latter is a robotic platform for  3D image acquisition of plants that enables small laboratories to have easy and cost- effective access to phenotyping technology in the lab.


In the exhibition area for projects researching Creativity, this main topic will be explored far and wide, with projects such as Cartesio that aims to study the online information system and to understand how social phenomena are perceived by citizens, how information is evaluated and what are the primary topics for people, while complying with data privacy requirements.

Other projects include We Write, that aims to create a flexible platform for text editing overcoming the limitations of classic text editors, allowing users to develop non-linear texts with more simple editing operations. Another is Foremusic, an online platform based on a machine learning model that   predicts how successful a musical track will be.

There will also be space for new concepts of cities, such as 15minCity, showcasing a whatif-machine platform based on the “15 minutes city” concept proposed by Carlos Moreno. This project allows us to check how different European cities fare better or worse compared to the famous concept, which proposes that our cities should be created so that citizens can reach their places of interest, on foot or by bicycle, in no more than 15 minutes. There will also be a large space for interaction, with projects like Kreyon City, where visitors are invited to plan and build an imaginary city out of LEGO® bricks, exploring solutions to problems such as employment, education and the quality of citizens’ life.


The Music team will showcase projects that offer new approaches to creating music, like PIA (Piano Inpainting Application), an AI assistant that enables you to interactively compose complex piano performances in a wide variety of styles; or NOTONO, an open-source web interface for sound design based on machine learning models, where you can  generate and transform the sounds of musical instruments through painting-like operations.

A space will also be dedicated to AI tools that are designed to empower creators, such as Flow Machines and DrumNet. The former is dedicated to music production offering musicians a source of inspiration for new melodies, chords and bass lines; the latter is designed for drums to quickly offer a vast number of custom patterns for a music track.



Broadcast studio:

In addition, there also will be many events that will take place in the broadcast studio area set up as an AV production and archive solution, to be streamed live on Sony CSL Paris YouTube Channel. The program includes interviews with Sony CSL researchers, panels dedicated to various topics, a morning panel session connected live with Sony Computer Science Laboratories in Tokyo, and a daily information strip in the morning.

Image sensing solutions:

During the event, an innovative smart service solution will be demonstrated, which identifies the congestion status of the Maker Faire venue in real-time, using the smart infrastructures built in the fair area which are in line with privacy requirements. The aggregated metadata of the number and flow of people in the venue will be generated by Ulisse technology (, leveraging Sony Semiconductor Solution’s Intelligent Vision Sensor, integrated into smart poles and Urbanvision software platform by Envision ( In Sony’s exhibition area a space will be dedicated to showcase these technologies and Sony Semiconductor Solution’s Intelligent Vision Sensor, IMX500, the world’s first image sensor equipped with AI processing functionality.


AV production and archive solutions:

Several products from Sony’s professional AV production and archive solution will also be showcased in the broadcast studio area.

The REA-C1000 Edge Analytics Appliance unit is an advanced tool for audiovisual communication leveraging AI driven technology, that allows you to create impactful video presentations to engage audiences further

The video cameras of the Cinema Line family, ILME-FX6 and ILME-FX3, offer Full Frame shooting solutions to capture emotion in every frame, and unleashes the power of visual storytelling with the help of AI functions. Finally, ODS-D380U, the 3rd generation drive of Sony’s Optical Disc Archive (ODA) technology, a system aimed at the long-term archiving segment for the storage of Big Data.

AV production and archive solutions


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